Attack on Border with Venezuela Leaves 125,000 Colombians Without Power

By Dialogo
August 23, 2012

About 125,000 Colombians from three municipalities bordering Venezuela were without power on August 21 due to a bomb attack against an electrical tower, attributed to the FARC guerrillas.

On the afternoon of Aug. 21, members of the Tenth Front of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) attacked “tower 470 with explosive devices” in a rural area of Arauquita, reported the Colombian Army’s Eighteenth Brigade in a statement.

Technicians and soldiers went to the site to repair the damage.

The sabotage knocked out power to three municipalities of the Arauca Department: the capital city Arauca, Arauquita and Cravo Norte, all bordering Venezuela.

The FARC, Colombia’s main insurgents, regularly attack the electrical infrastructure, especially in Arauca and areas near Ecuador.

The 190,000 inhabitants of the port of Tumaco (Nariño), neighboring Ecuador, have been without power for several days, due to another alleged FARC attack against six electrical towers, two of which could not be replaced because they were in an indigenous reservation where landmines were found.