Army South Engages with Colombian Army

Army South Engages with Colombian Army

By Dialogo
April 04, 2013

Leaders from U.S. Army South engaged with Colombian army counterparts during bilateral staff talks at the U.S. command’s headquarters in Texas, from March 18-21.

“The staff talks are a continuous process where we are able to coordinate and plan engagements to strengthen capabilities and build capacity,” said Maj. Gen. Frederick S. Rudesheim, the Army South commanding general. “We discuss ways in which we can enhance our security cooperation, as well as contribute to regional stability and constructive relations.”

The army-to-army relationship between Colombia and the United States is strong. In this past year, the two armies worked together during humanitarian exercises in Guatemala and Honduras and during the PANAMAX 2012 multinational exercise.

The U.S. Army Staff Talks Program serves as a bilateral forum for strategic-level discussions between respective armies. The program seeks to promote bilateral efforts in order to develop professional partnerships and increase interaction between partner nation armies.

The Colombian army fought in Korea; the US commander of the 24th division army 8 said the following concept about the performance of the Colombian battalion." I HAVE FOUGHT IN THREE WARS, I HAVE COMMANDED AND SEEN THE BEST SOLDIERS OF THE WORLD FIGHT. I THOUGHT I HAD SEEN IT ALL IN THE FIELD OF HEROICS AND HUMAN BRAVERY, BUT WATCHING THE COLOMBIAN BATTALION FIGHT I WITNESSED THE GREATEST AND MOST SUPERB THING OF MY LIFE - MAYOR GENERAL BLACKSBEAR BRYAN" Commander of the 24th division KOREA> October 1st, 1951