Argentine Woman is Best Meteorologist in the World

By Dialogo
June 18, 2009

Buenos Aires, June 17 (EFE). - Argentine scientist Eugenia Kalnay was named the best meteorologist in the world by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) for her “outstanding” contributions to the field of climatology, local press reported today. Kalnay, aged 66, has pursued her career in the United States. Her work has been acknowledged due to her contributions in the analysis and numerical forecast of weather, which had previously been recognized with awards conferred by the NASA and the American Society of Meteorology, among other organizations. Kalnay, who received an honorary degree from the University of Buenos Aires last year, was the first woman to earn a PhD in Meteorology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (United States) and the first one to become professor in the same field at MIT. For several years she worked at NASA, the American space agency, where she developed a global weather model used for experiments throughout the world. The scientist, the second woman to receive the award from the World Meteorological Organization, is considered by the head of the Argentine National Meteorological Service, Héctor Ciappesoni, to be "positively the best," since she is “not only a valuable scientist, but also an exceptional human being,” he told the daily Clarín. Her Argentine relatives also commented in statements to the same newspaper that, despite being used to receiving awards, Kalnay really feels "moved" by this award.