Argentina Captures 2 Chinese Illegal Fishing Vessels

By Dialogo
December 28, 2012

Argentine Naval Prefecture (Coast Guard) captured two Chinese vessels that were fishing illegally in Argentine Atlantic waters, near Chubut province (south) on December 25, after the security force fired “intimidating shots,” the institution informed on December 26.

“Coast Guard GC-26 Thompson from Argentine Naval Prefecture (PNA) captured the 2 Chinese-flagged vessels that were fishing illegally within the Exclusive Economic Zone (200 maritime miles, equivalent to 370.4 km, from the outside territorial sea border), and “both were carrying a total of ten tons of frozen squid,” the organization said in a statement.

Both fishing vessels were detected at about 249 miles in deep Atlantic waters, at the level of the touristic city of Puerto Madryn, in the province of Chubut (933 miles south of Buenos Aires), the report added.

According to PNA, the Coast Guard GC-26 Thompson’s crew carried out a “pursuit operation” and fired “intimidating shots” on December 25, which ended with the capture of the Chinese vessels LU Rong Yu 6177 and LU Rong Yu 6178.

PNA also said that the Coast Guard GC-26 “communicated several times by radio with both ships, and sound signals were performed, in accordance with international regulations;” however, none of the vessels sent any response whatsoever, and in turn, they attempted to “escape, trying to exit the Exclusive Economic Zone without being captured.”

“Immediately, the PNA’s Coast Guard Thompson started a pursuit operation and intimidating shots were fired, after which it was possible to stop both fishing vessels,” the security institution said.