Argentina and Colombia Sign Extradition Treaty

By Dialogo
July 22, 2013

On July 18, Argentinean President Cristina Kirchner and her Colombian counterpart, President Juan Manuel Santos, signed an extradition treaty among other bilateral agreements during a visit to Bogotá. The president’s visit produced a total of five agreements in the areas of natural risk management, women’s equality, sports, the fight against human trafficking and extradition procedures.

With regard to the extradition agreement, Kirchner assured that, “it’s another sign to all criminals that regardless of where they are, we will come after them and the law will prosecute them no matter what.” For his part, Santos highlighted that, “Colombia and Argentina are increasing their collaboration in the fight against organized crime, against drug trafficking.”

In recent years, many Colombian drug traffickers have been detained in Argentina, among these, Henry de Jesús López Londoño, aka “Mi Sangre”(My Blood), one of the heads and major financiers of Colombian drug cartel Los Urabeños, in November 2012.

The extradition treaty will allow authorities from both countries to acquire data and background information on Argentinean citizens entering Colombia, and likewise, of Colombian citizens entering Argentina, according to Kirchner.

In addition, the Argentinean president congratulated President Santos for the peace talks his government is holding with the FARC guerrilla in Cuba, saying this process is “indispensable for Colombia and the entire region.”