Argentina and Chile Create Binational Peace Force

By Dialogo
June 16, 2011

On 15 June, Argentina and Chile formally created a binational peace force ‘Cruz del Sur’ (Southern Cross), which will be in operation starting in 2012 in any place in the world.

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon attended a presentation in Campo de Mayo where the Argentine Training Center for Peace Missions (Caecopaz) is located.

Ban extended, “a special welcome to the presence of PKO trainers from Brazil, Chile, France and the United States” in their collaboration with Caecopaz.

“The Argentinean and Chilean contribution to aid Haiti after the earthquake (which caused thousands of deaths in 2010) is a clear example. Together, you were able to stabilize the country,” added Ban.

Southern Cross will consist of some 1,000 soldiers, distributed among two battalions, one from Argentina and the other from Chile, added to two helicopter squadrons, among other logistics units.

“You are working together to consolidate the recent progress in Haiti’s recovery, reconstruction and political process, so that it can take over its extenuated economy and institutional challenges,” added Ban.

Chilean Defense Minister Andres Allamand held that the force “will be ready to deploy starting in 2012 and represents a fundamental landmark in the integration and collaboration of Argentina and Chile in terms of Defense.”

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