Angola Buys Six Brazilian Military Aircraft

By Dialogo
February 20, 2013

Brazil is to demonstrate to the world that it can compete with traditional powers in a situation of equality.
Angola purchased six fighter jets from Brazil, the Brazilian Minister of Defense Celso Amorim announced on February 18 during a visit to the African country.

“We have already delivered three aircraft, and soon another three will arrive in the country. Angola has plans to buy more,” Amorim stated, after meeting with the Angolan Minister of Foreign Affairs, Georges Chicoty.

Amorim explained that six A-29 Super Tucano military aircrafts manufactured by the Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer were purchased, without specifying the cost of the transaction.

According to Embraer, the Angolan aviation wants to use these aircraft in border surveillance missions to prevent illegal immigration.

“We are here to establish associations through common investments, looking into the development of our countries,” Amorim, who was accompanied by 12 businessmen from the Defense industry during his visit, added.

“Our goal is to help strengthen the Angolan Military industry by developing local capacities to guarantee a larger national autonomy,” the Brazilian Minister said.
Celso Amorim stated that this cooperation might be extended towards other military activities, such as the maintenance and production of uniforms.

Angola and Brazil have close diplomatic and commercial relations, and have recently announced their intentions to reinforce their cooperation in several fields, such as agriculture, education and health.