Ameripol Brings Together Latin American Police Chiefs

Ameripol Brings Together Latin American Police Chiefs

By Dialogo
December 13, 2011

The regional security organization Ameripol brought almost 40 heads of police forces of the Americas and other countries together in Cancún, Mexico, in an effort aimed at coordinating against organized crime, the Mexican Federal Police announced on December 11.

Delegates from 22 countries attended the first meeting, from December 8 to 9, including members and observers, as well as 15 international organizations with which cooperation is sought.

Prominent among attendees was Major General Edgar Vale Mosquera, inspector-general of the National Police of Colombia, and Facundo Rosas, commissioner-general of the Mexican Federal Police. Colombia currently presides over the organization, while Mexico holds the secretariat.

Vale stressed the importance of strategic alliances and urged an audience of his colleagues from Argentina, Chile, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, among others, to continue to strengthen such alliances.

Agencies such as the Panamanian National Border Service also participated, as did representatives from Interpol, from German and Spanish police forces, and from the U.S. and Italian anti-drug agencies.

For his part, Rosas stressed that one of this year’s greatest achievements has been an increase of around 55 percent in the exchange of information compared to the previous year.

At the conclusion of the event, an agreement to designate an Ameripol liaison to the Organization of American States (OAS) was reached to analyze a proposal to create a training academy, and to study the possibility of other security agencies joining Ameripol.