Alleged Rapist Fathered Nine Children With Daughter, DNA Test Confirms

By Dialogo
December 03, 2010

This is horrific, they should have reported that man years ago and not let someone suffer so much. This is the fault of the family that lets men like this do what they want and are not held accountable. This man is so discusting; to abuse his daughter but women should not keep silent but this abusive guy should be given the death penalty for being a rapist and for the mistreatment of his own daughter. This man deserves the worst treatment in prison. This father deserves the biggest punishment on Earth and I don’t know why she didn’t report him sooner or why the children waited so long; or is it because the laws in their country didn’t offer protection. God bless the family and all of those daughters that are orphaned. Twenty years in prison is nothing for what this monster did, he won’t live long enough to pay for what he did, he will need a few reincarnations…my question? How is it that a neighbor, relative or friend didn’t notice what was obviously happening, if she didn’t have a husband who was impregnating her? Congratulations to that courageous woman. As for the monster and his accomplices, it’s not enough.

A 62-year-old man fathered nine children by raping his own daughter for more
than thirty years, according to authorities in Argentina.
"I felt for 30 years that I was worse than a prisoner," Elvira
Gomez, 43, told Argentine newspaper Clarin Friday.
Elvira's father, Armando Gomez, faces up to 20 years in prison on
charges of aggravated sexual abuse with a relative. Gomez denies the charges.
"The suspect is maintaining his innocence but the DNA tests have
confirmed his paternity," investigating judge Virgilio Palud said Wednesday.
Police arrested Armando at his home in Molinos Nicanor in June on suspicion
of stealing cattle, Clarin reported.
Elvira reported the alleged abuse to authorities in Santa Fe six days later.
"He always had a loaded gun," she told Clarin. Authorities found a
homemade shotgun during the arrest.
"He said, 'I'm going to go to prison, but I'm going to
kill you first.'"
"Since I was a girl, he beat me with whatever he had on hand: a rod or a
machete that cut me up," she said.
Paternity tests confirmed Armando as the father of Elvira's youngest
nine children, but the eldest killed himself a day before his eighteenth birthday.
"He had found a letter explaining all of it – he had learned that his
grandfather was his father," Elvira told Clarin. "At the time I said
"I never suspected anything," Germain Gomez, 20, told Clarin.
"He was always my grandfather until we got the news…I was working on a dairy
farm in Cordoba when I heard."
Family life in the Gomez home during years of continuing abuse, Elvira said.
"My relationship with my children was never good, because they suffered
when he abused me. And they were also punished. Nicholas (my son of 23 years)…could
not stand that he hit me and afterwards came to defend me. For that, he was given
scars and bruises on his hands, arms, head and back," she told LaCapital.
Elvira was almost two when her mother died, she said – and she blames her
"I was one year and eight months, and nothing can change my mind that he
did something to her," she told Clarin. "He was a very bad man."
Armando's relatives have denied the charges and pressured her to lie
about the case, Elvira said, but the DNA tests have vindicated her story.
"Now I am also against my sister," she said to LaCapital. "She
told me that my father had also abused her, but later denied it before the judge and
portrayed me as a liar. Something similar happened when my uncle asked me to lie
before the judge and to take the blame."
"He [Armando] denied everything and said I denounced him because I
wanted to…but then the results of the eight DNA analyses came. This confirmed that
they are his children, but he continued to deny his responsibility."
"But I'm doing something. I have to tell what happened and how I
lived." she said.