Afghan Police Graduate C-IED Course Prepared to Train Others

Afghan Police Graduate C-IED Course Prepared to Train Others

By Dialogo
February 23, 2011

Afghan National Civil Order Policemen (ANP) proudly displayed their certificates during a graduation ceremony on 17 February for the counter improvised explosive device (C-IED) awareness train-the-trainer course held at the Paktiya provincial police headquarters in Gardez City.

U.S. Army Capt. James Avrams, commander of Headquarters and Headquarters Company, helped coordinate training for the Afghan National Security Forces in Paktiya Province and arranged for the ANP to participate in the C-IED class.

The training, conducted at police headquarters for the 4th Brigade of the ANP, consisted of five days of hands-on classes. Topics included enemy tactics, searching for IEDs, assessing the status of a route, reacting to an IED, reporting an IED and identifying the components of an IED.

The course is designed to accomplish two goals. It provides a basic understanding of IEDs and what to do if one is found and teaches each student the skills to conduct a one-day informational course on IED awareness.

The train-the-trainer feature helps to spread IED awareness significantly throughout the province as graduates of the course share the information with others in their unit.

Col. Muhammed, commander of the 4th Brigade, has high hopes for the same outcome in Paktiya.

“I hope that my soldiers who participated in this class have learned something, and that they will use the information in their operations,” said Muhammed.

Sgt. Ja Muhammed, a driver in the ANP, is determined to share what he has learned during the C-IED course with more than just members of his unit.

“My target was to come here, learn, and after that, go and teach my friends and other units and other people who live in the village,” said Ja Muhammed.