Aeronautical Pentathlon at the Military World Games

By Dialogo
July 15, 2011

The aeronautical pentathlon is composed of one flying competition and six athletic ones: shooting, fencing, swimming, basketball, obstacle course, and orienteering.

In the flying competition, the competitor acts as navigator. He receives an aerial map indicating points on a pre-determined terrain that should be flown over in accordance with a planned timetable. The challenge is to obtain the greatest number of points, adding together all scoring instances from take-off to landing.

The shooting competition last forty minutes, and the shooter must be ten meters away from the target. Each athlete will fire twenty compressed-air shots.

The swimming competition is 100 meters, 50 meters without obstacles and another 50 meters with three obstacles. After the first 50 meters, the athlete must leave the pool and reenter it. He must then swim underwater beneath two rafts, each four meters in length, floating in the water.

The fencing competition is conducted on the basis of epée duels in a single pool, in which all the athletes compete against one another. The duration of the match is two minutes. The objective is to hit the rival three times.

In the basketball competition, there are four exercises. In the first, the athlete must dribble the ball while following a route across the court, moving around barriers previously placed there. In the second, he must throw five balls previously placed 1.8 meters apart at a distance of 4.6 meters from the basket. In the third, he needs to score the highest number of points in thirty seconds, throwing the ball from the free throw line. In the fourth, he has to make twenty free throws in a four-minute period in the following order: ten direct throws using the backboard and ten direct throws without the backboard.

The obstacle course is 300 to 400 meters long and has between ten and twelve obstacles. The terrain is irregular, with the possibility of hills to go up and down.

Finally, the athlete participates in an orienteering competition, in which he has to pass through all the control points marked on the terrain in the least possible time. He will have the assistance of a map and a compass.