A Hundred Police Officers Killed in São Paulo

By Dialogo
December 10, 2012

So far this year, 100 police officers were killed in the Brazilian state of São Paulo, which is facing a wave of criminal violence, informed local security sources on December 6.

Out of that total, four were murdered on duty, while the other 75 were killed on their off days. The deaths are under investigation. “We still don’t know if they were murdered for being police officers, or if they were involved in some sort of violent action, or because they tried to prevent criminal action while off duty,” confirmed a spokesman from the State Public Secretary.

Since last September, the city of São Paulo, with 22 million inhabitants counting its metropolitan area, recorded an alarming increase in homicides, several of which were police officers.

Experts say that it is the result of actions directed from prison by members of the organization “First Capital Command” (PCC), created in 1993 by drug traffickers imprisoned in São Paulo, and which is now considered the main criminal organization in the country.

São Paulo, one of the locations where the 2014 World Cup will be celebrated, registered a total of 176 homicides in October, a 114% increase, compared to October 2011.

The authorities have not revealed the November murder rate yet, but the press is reporting dozens of murders weekly.

Recently, the wave of violence caused the chief of security from São Paulo State to resign. The Brazilian economic capital had been able to lower violence figures in the last decade, and had become one of the safest places in the country. The chiefs of Civil and Military State Police were also replaced.