795 Kg Of Cocaine That Was Going To Be Sent To Spain Are Seized In Ecuador

By Dialogo
April 06, 2011

The Ecuadorean Antinarcotics Police seized 795 kg of cocaine that was going to be sent to Spain hidden in a shipment of tuna, the Public Prosecutor’s Office announced on 4 April.

The contraband was found Saturday during a routine inspection in the export port of Guayaquil (in southwestern Ecuador), where it had arrived from the fishing city of Manta (on the Pacific Ocean) in a shipping container.

“The agents found several boxes frozen with aluminum sheets to prevent them from being detected by drug-sniffing dogs, and inside them 795 kg of cocaine hydrochloride,” Manta antinarcotics prosecutor José Garzón told AFP.

The export shipment was in the name of a firm established in Manta for several years and owned by a nationalized Ecuadorean of Spanish origin, Servando Cacabelos, the official added, indicating that the shipment’s destination was Marín (in Spain).

The company’s installations and Cacabelos’s residence were searched, but he and his family had already fled, the prosecutor noted. “I couldn’t detain them because they had already fled. The owner took valuables, money, and documents,” he commented.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office of Guayas – of which Guayaquil is the capital – issued an arrest warrant for the Spaniard on the same day, Garzón specified.