500 Kilos of Cocaine Incinerated and Another 200 Seized in Paraguay

By Dialogo
March 29, 2011

Paraguayan anti-drug agents have incinerated around five hundred kilos of
cocaine in the furnaces of a steel plant, on a judge’s order, seized another two
hundred kilos, and detained three suspected drug traffickers, a police report
indicated on 25 March.

The cocaine was destroyed in the furnaces of state-owned company Aceros
Paraguayos, on the outskirts of Asunción.

The drugs were seized as part of “Operation Centaur,” in the department of
Amambay, on the land border with Brazil, in October 2010.
Two drug traffickers died in the operation.

On the same day, the police reported the detention of three Paraguayans in
whose possession two hundred kilos of cocaine were found, in an operation on the
outskirts of the Paraguayan capital.

The detainees are suspected of being part of an international gang “with
branches in Germany,” according to the police.