14,000 Military Personnel Deploy To Disaster Zone In Chile

By Dialogo
March 03, 2010

Lula and Vazquez as well as Mujica have the distasteful experience to prove that, as marxists, they failed miserably and abandoned their seventies’ stupidity in order to embrace the reasonably healthy bourgeois right-center. That is why they have been heard and it will go well for them. The peacocks will continue to wave their red flags and their serial psychopathic Castro followers… Chilean president Michelle Bachelet indicated that 14,000 military personnel would be deployed by Tuesday in the two regions hardest hit by Saturday’s earthquake, where they will be responsible for distributing aid and preventing looting. “By virtue of the state of emergency declared due to the disaster, between the last two days and what will be completed today, the army will have 11,850 personnel, and the navy will have 2,131 personnel” in the Maule and Biobío regions, the two regions most affected by the earthquake, which has so far left 723 dead. The president was energetic in indicating that no more looting or pillaging will be permitted. “We understand people’s pressing anxieties, but we know that there is criminal activity, and we are not going to accept that,” she said. It is unacceptable that firefighters had to divert resources to responding to a deliberately-set fire Monday in the city of Concepción - the epicenter of the disaster - “or that people have to set up self-defense arrangements in order to keep watch over what little they have left following the earthquake,” the president said. Since Sunday several towns have been targets of severe looting and violent activity, while the inhabitants are complaining that humanitarian aid has not arrived.