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Fourteen countries, one goal: the eradication of narco-trafficking.

From Europe to North America and from Central America to South America, nations have partnered in the fight against narcotics.

Welcome to NARCO NEWS, your one-stop site for stories, photos and videos of law enforcement agencies’ seizures, arrests and all-around efforts to rid narcotics from our communities.

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  • alfonso perez | 2014-09-08

    I'm glad you provide a wide coverage to this news. In El Salvador you don't see these news on newspapers.

  • roberto hugo cuerdo 1 | 2014-09-01

    "Don't be so innocent, the economic power is very lofty. You can't fight it and as the saying goes, if you can't fight them, join them". By joining them we allow them to export it to the U.S. and get a little extra for the favor.

    • hortelio torres | 2014-09-09

      The drug scourge today is killing millions of kids and, therefore, the homes. The social tissue is rotten and the youth is an easy prey for this plague. Please keep fighting it...