Nov. 17 News Brief South America

BRASILIA, Brazil – World Bank awards loan to Bicbanco: The World Bank has awarded a US$25 million loan to Brazil’s Bicbanco through its private arm, the International Finance Corporation. The funds will be used to support health and education service providers, which comprise the majority of the institution’s client portfolio. The IFC stated that the sum will be awarded in local currency and will help to cover the financial needs of small- and medium-sized businesses operating in remote areas of the country.

[Diario Valor, EFE]

ASUNCIÓN, Paraguay – Landing of Venezuelan military plane was “routine”: The chief of the Paraguayan Air Force, Gen. Hugo Aranda, responded to press reports over the arrival of Venezuelan officers in the country by confirming that the landing of a Venezuelan military plane in Asunción last week was “routine.” Aranda said that the plane performed a technical stopover at Silvio Pettirossi International Airport in Asunción, and took off hours later with all crew members on board. Paraguayan Vice President Federico Franco requested a report on the incident from the armed forces.

[ABC Color, EFE]

LA PAZ, Bolivia – Poll gives Morales 52 percent support: Less than a month away from the Dec. 6 elections, Bolivian President Evo Morales is enjoying 52 percent of voter intention, giving him a 34-point advantage over the best-placed opposition candidate, Manfred Reyes Villa. The survey, published in newspapers belonging to Grupo Líder, was performed this month by Equipos Mori on 1,007 people in nine of the country’s departments, and shows that support for the president, who is seeking reelection, has increased by five points since October.

[El Deber, EFE]

SANTIAGO, Chile – Value of copper exports increased in October: Chilean copper exports totaled US$2.48 billion in October, amounting to a year-on-year increase of 24 percent, the Central Bank has announced. The figures also show signs of the start of a recovery on the price of the Chile’s principal export, which was affected by the global financial crisis. However, Central Bank figures for the year’s copper exports continue to show an accumulated year-on-year decline of 32 percent, with a total of US$20.32 billion.

[El Mercurio, EFE]

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