July 6 News Brief South America

Eduardo Herrera

BOGOTÁ, Colombia – Army reports 381 guerrillas dead in 2009: Colombian Army chiefs have released the results of their actions against illegal armed groups in the country and stated that a total of 381 guerrillas were killed in the first quarter of 2009 in regions across the country. According to the report, 256 of the deaths were members of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), 22 were from the National Liberation Army (ELN) and three were from a dissident faction of the nearly extinct Popular Liberation Army (EPL). Approximately 1,000 rifles, 61 tons of explosives and 800,000 projectiles were seized.

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LIMA, Peru – Yehude Simon proposes Peruvian version of Chile’s Concertación: Peruvian Prime Minister Yehude Simon has proposed that his Humanist Party, the regional movements and the Union for Peru join forces with the Peruvian Aprista Party (PAP) for the 2011 elections, forming a political movement similar to the Concertación coalition which governs Chile, led by Michelle Bachelet. Simon assured that discussion of the idea with President Alan García and other PAP leaders had been met with agreement.

[La República, DPA]

LA PAZ, Bolivia – Chile, Bolivia and Brazil to complete inter-oceanic corridor in 2011: The construction of stretches of road in Bolivia, Brazil and Chile are progressing and the respective governments have announced that the inter-oceanic corridor will be completed in 2011. The route will provide a road link through Bolivian territory from the Atlantic port of Santos and the soy-producing state of Mato Grosso in Brazil to the Chilean ports of Arica and Iquique on the Pacific. The corridor will stretch 3,635 miles through the three countries from one ocean to the other, of which 950 miles will be in Bolivian territory and the majority of which has already been laid.

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