Military, police keep close eye on the FARC in Cauca

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  • florentinorengifo | 2012-12-22

    Congratulations to my brothers of Colombia created by the national government and all the nations under the magnifying glass of the creator of the universe God…I admire you greatly, I respect you, no male or female citizen in Colombia hate them wound them kill them, they are Colombia defend the Colombian flag,they are the national anthem they serve in the military of course only we the poor carry with honor but the university members hate the communist party the same for the so-called pole,those who want at all times that the so-called political leaders of human rights created by the powers in the world today are at peace what an irony,in Colombia no one wishes them well,they are the evil ones,for me they are not Colombia,when one sees the Minister of Justice Supreme Court’s son do military service in the jungle fighting against the illegal groups,these will always live while Colombians contribute money from under the sleeve of their shirts long live the armed forces of Colombia who fail that is true only God is perfect no one else.Look how the jails are full of human beings,give your opionMerry Christmas and Happy New Year to them and their family and whynot for everyone else in Colombia.

  • Alcides Quinayas Ospina | 2012-12-19

    This should have been done since the period of Misael Pastrana then the dwarf would not have grown, congratulations to the armed forces and the police for their great courage.