2014-05-16 | Law Enforcement

Peru: City uses drones to fight crime

LIMA, Peru – A city in Peru’s Andes is deploying a fleet of drones to crack down on crime, authorities said on May 14.

The “Eagle Eye” trial project is putting five drones in Huancayo’s skies at a total cost of US$50,000 “to help police identify criminals,” Mayor Dimas Aliaga Castro said.

Aliaga Castro said private companies were funding the trial and that an operations center would be opened in the city of about 323,000. He didn’t name the companies.

“Each drone is linked (to the operations center) and the image it is transmitting can be sent live to the Google Glass of a police officer and the monitors at the operations center,” Aliaga Castro said.

Crime is a top concern for Peruvians. According to a January Ipsos poll, 89% feel unsafe when they leave their homes.

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