Colombia presses Venezuela for action against FARC rebels

BOGOTÁ, Colombia — The Colombian government said May 22 that it expected Venezuela to take “effective” action against FARC terrorists suspected of seeking refuge there after staging an ambush that killed 12 Colombian soldiers.

Defense Minister Juan Carlos Pinzón welcomed President Hugo Chávez’s pledge to send troops to the border areas between the neighboring South American countries as “an appropriate gesture.”

“Now the important thing is that they be effective and really take action,” Pinzón said in an interview broadcast on W Radio.

The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) killed the Colombian soldiers May 21 in a remote rural area near their country’s northernmost border with Venezuela in the La Guajira Peninsula.

The Colombian military said it was “very likely” that the guerrillas crossed from Venezuela to stage the attack, and then fled back across the border.

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