Dominican Republic: Agents dismantle drug cartel

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic – Counter-narcotics agents took down three more members of a drug cartel with alleged ties to Colombian and Mexican drug trafficking outfits, the National Drug Control Agency (DNCD) reported on April 13.

Agents arrested Silvio Peña, Nadin Bezi and Iván Tineo, alleged members of a Dominican cartel operating in the northern region of Cibao, DNCD spokesman Col. Ramón Rodríguez told Dominican daily Listín Diario.

“Our investigation into this case is ongoing,” he said. Police were trying to determine whether the Cibao gang was also linked to jailed Puerto Rican drug lord José Figueroa, known as the Caribbean Pablo Escobar.

The three arrests made April 13 brings the total number of arrests of persons with alleged ties to the Cibao drug trafficking gang to seven. Last week, DNCD agents seized 187 bricks of cocaine that were allegedly being transported by the gang.

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