Peru: Former army officer rises in presidential polls

LIMA, Peru – Ollanta Humala, a left-leaning former army officer, has emerged as frontrunner in a tight, five-candidate presidential race, according to the latest poll.

The poll, conducted from March 21 to 24, indicated Humala would receive 21.2% of the vote, a marked increase from the 15.7% he received just a week earlier, polling company CPI reported.

Humala lost to current President Alan García in the 2006 presidential election.

However, given the poll’s 2.2% margin of error, Humala is in a virtual dead heat with Keiko Fujimori – a congresswoman and daughter of former President Alberto Fujimori – who placed second with 19.9%. Former President Alejandro Toledo is third with 18.6%.

Former Economy and Prime Minister Pedro Pablo Kuczynski is fourth with 16.1%, followed by former Lima Mayor Luis Castañeda (15.5%).

The first round of the election is scheduled for April 10. If no candidate receives more than half the vote, the top two candidates will advance to a run-off election on June 5.

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  • roxana Mendizabal | 2011-04-09

    I think it is a phenomenon and that it surprises many Peruvians that, tired of the corruption that exists in the public and private sectors who shield themselves behind mediation to avoid being audited, on the other hand gas costs about 34 soles and our neighboring country Ecuador has it cheaper that is unheard of, it is a reaction the future president must take into account, to be concerned and aware of the needs of the poor who are a high percentage and of education, health and safety as a priority for citizens, enough with the violence

  • isaac osorio navaro | 2011-03-29

    Ollanta Humala is an intelligent man with lots of patriotic valor who can put an end to corruption in Peru and give ownership of Peru to the Peruvians, I say this because as we can see 85% of the companies in Peru are run by foreigners it seems that Peru is a public benefit for the foreigners who only come here to exploit Peruvians and Peruvian resources, enough already with working for the multinational companies that don't even give us the benefits we deserve by law...