Colombia: At least 60 apprehended after gunfight

MEDELLÍN, Colombia – At least 60 were taken into custody following a gang shootout near a school, prompting local authorities to request the central government to take “extraordinary measures” to stop the violence sweeping the city. The media had reported students were trapped inside of the school during the gunfight, but that wasn’t true, said Juan Felipe Palau, the government secretary of Medellín. “There was an incident, a clash among gangs,” Palau said, adding the army and police worked together to stop the fight. The gunfight was among gangs from the La Quiebra, La Divisa, Juan XXIII and Altos de la Virgen neighborhoods, where gangs are engaged in a turf war over prime property to sell drugs. The clashes are “very worrying,” Medellín Mayor Alonso Salazar said. [EFE (Colombia), 12/08/2010; Latin American Herald Tribune (Colombia), 12/08/2010]

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