Colombia’s Uribe supports allegations of FARC-ETA connection

MADRID, Spain – Colombian President Álvaro Uribe supports allegations the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) have been cooperating with the Basque separatist terrorist group Euskadi Ta Askatasuna (ETA), according to a recent interview he gave to Spanish national TV station TVE. Uribe, who is in the Spanish capital to attend the European Union-Latin American and Caribbean Summit, said when he took office in 2002, he was notified by Colombian law officials the explosives used by the FARC were similar to the weapons used by the ETA and the Irish Republican Army (IRA). Spanish judge Eloy Velasco has charged 13 suspected members of the FARC and ETA in connection with devising plots to murder Colombian targets on Spanish soil, including Uribe. On March 1, Velasco accused Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez’s administration of facilitating communication with the ETA and FARC. Chávez said the Spanish national court was acting “irresponsibly” and accused it of being part of a plot against Venezuela and the “Bolivarian revolution.” [W Radio.com (Colombia), 17/05/2010; El Espectador.com (Colombia), 17/05/2010; DPA (Colombia), 17/05/2010]

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  • luis | 2010-05-20

    We have proof of the close alliance between Chavez and the FARC...when the prisoners were turned over in Colombia the Venezuela minister Chasin when he came out of the helicopter to welcome the prisoners he greeted them by saying "greetings from commandant chavez, we support you and you can count on us"