Popular businessman and two employees fatally shot in Dominican Republic

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic – Ruben Soto, who owns a popular bakery in the nation’s capital, was fatally shot along with two employees on May 14 during an attack that could be drug-related, police said. Soto was the stepfather of Madeline Bernard Peña, the widow of police Col. José González. González is connected to suspected drug kingpin José Figueroa Agosto, who is wanted by authorities, police said. Bernard Peña was interviewed by prosecutors heading the investigation into Figueroa Agosto, who they suspect ordered the slaying of González last year. The colonel was murdered on Dec. 24 when he arrived at his residence with Bernard Peña, who was injured in the assault, according to authorities. The Dominican Republic government has posted a US$185,000 reward for information leading to his arrest. [EFE (Dominican Republic), 16/05/2010; Latin American Herald Tribune (Dominican Republic), 16/05/2010]

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  • yovanni victoria | 2010-05-18

    The government of the Dominican Republic has offered a reward of US$185,000 for any information leading to the arrest of Figueroa Agosto hello $185 thousand dollars is a ridiculous amount, given that the man they're looking for can pay 10 times that amount to not be arrested. Up till now Agosto has shown himself to be much more intelligent and for sure he's got people within the Dominican security forces who keep him informed. I think they should raise that amount to at least 500 thousand dollars and then we'll see what happens. Sincerely a Dominican worried about the safety of his homeland.