Jorge Luis Bolaños, a suspected Los Zetas henchman, apprehended in Mexico

Costa Rican officials recently seized more than a ton of cocaine during a raid at a home on the country’s Pacific coast. (Cris Bouroncle/AFP/Getty Images)

Costa Rican officials recently seized more than a ton of cocaine during a raid at a home on the country’s Pacific coast. (Cris Bouroncle/AFP/Getty Images)

By Jon Gallo for Infosurhoy.com—07/07/2010

MEXICO CITY – Jorge Luis Bolaños, who has been accused in connection with the kidnapping and murder of six on behalf of the notorious Los Zetas drug cartel, has been arrested along with six of his alleged associates, according to Mexico’s Public Safety Department. Bolaños, 43, has been labeled by officials as “one of the principal operators” for the Los Zetas cartel in the state of Hidalgo and is accused of murdering his abductees even after ransoms were collected, according to EFE. Bolaños had been incarcerated for 10 years for a drug trafficking conviction in the northern state of Tamaulipas, an area that has a strong Los Zetas presence. Bolaños also is suspected of manufacturing crack cocaine, according to the Public Safety Department. Bolaños and his six alleged associates were caught after they were pulled over by Federal Police because their two SUVs did not have license plates, officials said. Police seized the vehicles, in addition to a submachine gun, cell phones and a list of officials who allegedly were receiving bribes from Los Zetas, according to the Public Safety Department.

Costa Rican police seize more than a ton of cocaine

Costa Rican police have confiscated 1,091 kilograms (2,403 pounds) of cocaine and arrested a dozen after raiding a residence on the country’s Pacific coast, Jorge Rojas, the director of the Judicial Investigation Department, told EFE. The raid occurred in a home in Playa Bejuco, about 300 kilometers (186 miles) west of the nation’s capital of San José, where traffickers arrived with speedboats filled with cocaine, he said. Of the 12 arrested, five were Colombians and all suspects are facing up to 20 years in prison if convicted. It’s the largest drug seizure since President Laura Chinchilla took office on May 8. Police, who would not release the names of the suspects, also confiscated four vehicles, eight cell phones, four navigation systems and numerous two-way radios, EFE reported.

Spanish officials confiscate more than 2.6 tons of cocaine

Spanish officials have confiscated more than 2.6 tons of cocaine shipped from Colombia to Spain during a raid in Santa Cruz de Tenerife that led to the arrest of 10, officials told EFE. The raid brought to the forefront concerns that a new drug-trafficking route had been established to move narcotics through the Caribbean, Africa and Europe, police said. Spain’s Civil Guard and Tax Agency carried out operation “Southern Sea,” in the Spanish cities of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Melilla, Málaga and Almería on June 28, when officials seized 2.6 tons of cocaine that had been divided into 93 bundles, Lt. Col. Ricardo Arranz told EFE. Spain’s largest drug seizure in the past four years dealt a major blow to an international narcotics-trafficking ring that was sending drugs from Colombia and Morocco to Europe, officials said. The raid led to the apprehension of seven Spaniards, a Lithuanian, a German and a Uruguayan. The operation also led government officials to freeze 118 bank accounts and numerous credit and bank cards in addition to seizing four properties in Melilla and another four in Almería – a total confiscation worth about US$6.2 million.

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