Diego Torres shows different style with “Distinto”

Argentine singer Diego Torres has incorporated hip-hop into “Distinto,” his latest album. (Pepe Caballero for Infosurhoy.com)

Argentine singer Diego Torres has incorporated hip-hop into “Distinto,” his latest album. (Pepe Caballero for Infosurhoy.com)

By Miguel Ángel Rodríguez for Infosurhoy.com—05/05/2010

MADRID, Spain – Diego Torres has launched “Distinto” (Different), his new album.

His eighth record reflects his artistic versatility and his desire to experiment with different musical styles, after almost two decades as a singer.

“I think it’s the perfect title for this work,” Torres, 39, said. “It is much more of a rock album and more Anglo-Saxon-type than the earlier ones. It is a reflection of all the musical interests that I hadn’t been able to express before. Here, I offer a new sound and a spirit of renewal.”

Distinto” is a 10-song album in which Torres innovates with hip-hop without losing his musical identity that centers on romantic ballads.

“I have always been very musically restless, trying new things without ever losing my essence,” Torres said. “That is what we tried to do with this new work.”

Torres hired producer Rafael Arcaute, known for his work with Calle 13, the Puerto Rican ambassadors of hip-hop and reggaetón, Fito Páez and Andrés Calamaro. Yotuel, a singer from the Cuban band Orishas, Argentine-American Kevin Johansen and Spanish rapper Mala Rodríguez also collaborated on “Distinto.”

“This isn’t the first time I’ve dared to rap,” Torres said. “Used as just another element in a song, it doesn’t sound strange. The problem is when you force it. I feel that it wasn’t like that on “Distinto,” that it was very free.”

For the production of the “Guapa,” one of the album’s songs, Torres invited romantic singer Noel Schajris and asked his friend, Ricardo Darín, a famous Argentine actor, to appear in the song’s video.

“He is a great friend and I didn’t hesitate in asking him to collaborate on this story,” Torres said. “I created it thinking of him.”

Guapa” already is among the most played songs in Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador and Chile, which may be an indication of the upcoming success of “Distinto,” according to Universal Music Group.

Torres plans to tour several Latin American countries to promote the album.

“[Touring] is one of the things I have the most fun with in this life,” Torres said. “I hear how people talk about my music with different accents, with different words: ‘chévere,’ ‘guay’ and ‘chido.’ I love it. The richness of the Spanish language is what unites us.”

This year Torres is scheduled to tour in Argentina, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Chile. Torres helped Chile recover from being hit by an earthquake and tsunami by working with the Chile helps Chile initiative.

“I think that during times like these, songs like “Color esperanza” are perfect for transmitting encouragement, support and energy,” Torres said, referring to one of his musical hits.

Torres’ career took off with songs like “Dónde van” or “La última noche,” but he reached international recognition with the song “Color esperanza” in 2004.

“I am very thankful to that song,” Torres said. “Everything it has brought me has been good.”

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  • alaska | 2010-11-30

    I just want to tell you to take care because it's raining harder than ever and all that is left to say is GOD BLESS US AND TAKE CARE OF US

  • Antonio Carlos Dultra | 2010-05-29

    I'd like to know the dates of Diego Torres' 2010 tour in Argentina. And why is he not coming to Brazil? He has a good audience in Bahia. 27518