Brazil Strengthens Borders Against Narcotraffickers



Brazilian Ministry of Justice, La Tercera, The Rio Times

Smugglers wait on the Brazilian bank of the Parana River as a package of unidentified merchandise is lowered from the roadway of the Friendship Bridge.

Border control is one of Brazil’s biggest challenges. Its land borders stretch 16,886 kilometers along 10 different countries. More than half of these frontiers are made of dense forest, leaving the borders vulnerable to illegal trafficking of drugs, arms, contraband and unlawful immigration.

To help combat this threat, the Brazilian government has inaugurated Integrated Border Management Offices (GGI-Fs) along the frontiers. “The objective of the GGI-F is to confront organized crime in an integrated manner in the 11 states that have borders with other countries,” reported the Ministry of Justice. these GGI-Fs will count on the support of federal, state and municipal security forces.

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