Chilean Training Ship Esmeralda Begins 57th Instructional Voyage

The Chilean Navy training ship Esmeralda set sail at the start of the longest voyage in its history. (Photo: Office of the President of Chile)

The Chilean Navy training ship Esmeralda set sail at the start of the longest voyage in its history. (Photo: Office of the President of Chile)

Office of the President of Chile

Chilean President Sebastián Piñera, accompanied by Defense Minister Andrés Allamand and by the commander-in-chief of the Navy, Admiral Edmundo González, saw off the training ship Esmeralda at the start of its 57th instructional voyage, which will last 260 days.

In bidding farewell to the ship’s 321 crew members, who include 34 women, the president told them to “take advantage of this trip to educate yourselves as sailors, to become better people, and take advantage of this trip to give Chile a very good reputation.”

Likewise, he sent special greetings “to the officers from friendly countries who are accompanying you on this voyage, from Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Uruguay, and of course, also the representatives from other branches of the Armed Forces, from the Air Force, the Army, the Carbineros (the national paramilitary police), and the Investigative Police.”

This year’s voyage will be the longest that the Esmeralda has made in its over 55 years of Navy service and the second time it will sail around the world, which it did for the first time in 1988.

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  • Sergio Zeppelin Filho | 2014-01-26

    I visited this vessel in Porto do Mucuripe, here in Fortaleza city. It’s a very pretty vessel, very well taken care of, and the crew is very kind. Congratulations and a safe trip to all of you. You could create a blog so we could follow up your activities and your stops. That would be very interesting. Thank you.

  • Pamela Ingis | 2012-06-29

    My husband and I saw your beautiful vessel in Brisbane,Australia. Thank you very much for letting us be see naval history. Your crew both elegant and friendly.

  • Ari Edom | 2012-05-21

    Interesting to know that Brenda Christian lives in Pitcairn Island. In my ignorance, I suppose, she should be a direct descendant of don Fletcher Christian and I would like to know what other names there are in the island. Greetings. Ari Edom

  • Brenda Christian | 2012-05-11

    We have seen you on the on the web doing a world tour, as you have left Easter Island was wondering if you will call by Pitcairn Island for a visit. You would be most welcomed. Brenda Christian Police and Immigration Officer Pitcairn Island

Fri Apr 18 00:18:59 2014


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