Drug Traffickers Used Hearse to Transport Drugs in Argentina


An international gang of drug traffickers detained by the authorities used a hearse to transport drugs in northern Argentina, near the border with Bolivia, the Gendarmes (the border police) announced.

The Gendarmes detained seven drug traffickers, three of whom were Bolivians residing in Argentina, and among the items seized in six simultaneous operations was “a hearse-type vehicle belonging to a border mutual society, which was used for transporting drugs.”

The vehicle is one normally used to transport coffins in funeral processions, the security force added.

In the operations carried out in the northern cities of San Salvador de Jujuy, La Quiaca, and Salta, the Gendarmes also seized “fifty-five kilos of cocaine, a weapon, ammunition, 250,000 pesos (62,500 dollars), and 50,000 dollars, together with items for processing and cutting narcotics and mixing them with other substances.”

The organization had been under investigation for seventeen months, the security force indicated.

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